Better late than never?

For the past few weeks, I found it extremely difficult and challenging to find motivation… for nearly anything. To get ready for class, to eat, to go to class, to workout, to do work/homework, to study, to meet friends/people, to socialize in general, to go out of my room/house, to go to class.. and there are many more. But I fought through every single one of those challenges and I think I came through pretty well. It’s definitely been really difficult with my anxiety & depression creeping back up on me, randomly & suddenly/unexpectedly, during a time of academic pressure/challenge (finals, midterms, projects, etc). But my quarter is finished, and all I have left to do is 1). enjoy the remaining few days I have in Seattle for 2016; 2). study my best for my biostatistics & public health core class finals; 3). GET SUPER EXCITED FOR GOING HOME; 4). Re-evaluate and take care of myself and try to find that balance in motivation again… slowly yet surely.

A few things that I overcame this past few weeks are:

  1. Going to work and battling my anxiety or personal emotional battles during the time
  2. Going to all my classes, no matter how much I struggled to make it out
  3. Went to my first counseling/therapy session with a counselor at my school thanks to my roommate who helped me/was literally next to me while we made the appointment on Monday morning at 10Am
  4. Resting, physically, and learning to be a little more okay with it than before
  5. Finishing up a lot of the food/snacks/etc I though I’d have to leave over or throw out
  6. Reconnecting with MAMA LEE! She came back from Korea this past week & I am now able to call her every night and not worry about the time zone time differences
  7. Really trust my brother… especially with a whole week home alone, he did really really well (I called and checked up on him very VERY frequently, haha!)
  8. Baking vegan salted chocolate chip cookies for friends! I will make them again and post the recipe as soon as possible! They were a great hit, wootwoot!
  9. Finishing off my fall 2016 junior year quarter as a public health major student SO well
  10. Reaching out and communicating/contacting with Winnie from winniesbalance (one of my favorite fitness/health/wellness social media bloggers!)
  11. Re-starting BBG today! BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.

So any way, today I just went to TJ Maxx with my roommate in the morning after getting some work done, and guess what I found…?! Purely Elizabeth probiotic granola (both chocolate sea salt & maple flavors) & grain free granola (banana nut) FOR 2 DOLLARS OFF; 4.99 EACH, WOOTWOOT. So I scavenged through every aisle there and took every single one there was… Only four, but I can’t believe it! It made me so happy. I also found some sperry’s on clearance for like 25$ so I bought those, and some gloves & my roommate’s christmas gifts (candle & a cat cup she wanted). Oh, and obviously I also bought 90% Lindt chocolate (my favorite) cause they were less than 2$ even though they’re originally more expensive, hehe.

Then we came home and had lunch; she went off to meet her friend and study at a cafe while I stayed home and studied. I got some more biostats notes/review done, then went to Trader Joe’s to buy some groceries for the next few days. When I got home, I made thai green curry/soup with potatoes, carrots, onion, garlic, and beets.. Oh, and some lentils. I also added in some ginger to give it a nice kick. I love ginger!

Here are some of my eats for today:

(~7AM) Breakfast: steel cut oatmeal with banana and almond butter topped with chia/hemp, cacao powder, and cinnamon (a classic)

(~9:45A–post workout) Snack: an orange, 1/2 leftover nak’d cocoa bar, almond milk & vega chocolate protein powder, and a slice of my banana bread

(~1:10PM) Lunch: Little bit of salmon, sweet potato, roasted beets & carrots, 1/2 avocado, & sauerkraut, 3 Mary’s Gone Crackers (original flavor)

(~1:45PM)Post-Lunch “dessert”: 1 banana topped with purely elizabeth blueberry hemp granola & cinnamon

(~5:45PM) Dinner: basmati rice with spinach and frozen mixed vegetables (~1 cup), 1/2 avocado, 1 hardboiled egg, nori sheets, and leftover savory porridge (steel cut oatmeal with frozen vegetables), and obviously some veggies from my green curry (actually pink/red lol) soup AND side of kombucha (trilogy) because kombucha is life

(~6:40PM) Dessert: 1 cup pineapple, 1/2 dried fig, and cup of spearmint tea

I didn’t feel like eating an afternoon snack today cause I ate such a heavy lunch and didn’t really feel hungry. Plus, I generally eat around 6PM, so I just decided to wait. And yes, I eat too much but uh wells, it all tastes wonderful.

I’m probably going to sleep in a bit and wake up early in the morning tomorrow to study a little bit more for biostatistics and go to church. Good night world!




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