“Food Should Taste Good” Caramelized Onion & Herbs Hummus

First product review ever! Being back in California, I …. am just over-thrilled! I love being able to go to Sprouts/Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods whenever I want, especially because it’s close by AND I have time since it’s winter break. And, I get to try out new foods that are here but not available in Seattle!

A few days ago, I went by Sprouts to buy some groceries. I came across the “Food Should Taste Good” hummus in the hummus aisle/section. I was looking to buy Hope Foods Kale Pesto hummus, but I think next time I will! I think “Food Should Taste Good’ just caught my eyes first because 1. it was a dollar less and 2. I was only familiar with that brand selling tortilla chips! Between caramelized onion & herb flavor, there was some curry flavor, I think. But I decided to try the caramelized onion and herbs one instead.

Once I got home for lunch, I decided to give the hummus a try. At first, I was expecting it to be really, really savory and …. onion-y? But honestly, in my opinion, it wasn’t as satisfying or meeting up to its name’s expectations. It didn’t give that savory flavor, or caramelized onion flavor. I definitely tasted some herbs, but couldn’t identify which specific ones they were. And it was on the salty side…

Maybe my taste buds weren’t really meant for caramelized onion & Herb flavored items, or maybe my expectations were just a little too high. But I guess it was a great experience…I’m sure some people out there may like it!

I will be doing more product reviews, so stay updated! Sorry, no pictures right now but maybe I will upload some pictures another time & edit them onto here.


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