First Week of Winter Quarter 2017

My first week of class/winter quarter was really short, yet kind of tiring for the first part. I guess I was mostly tired since I took the latest flight back home on Tuesday evening (originally at 9:50 PM, but got delayed to around 10:35PM), and then I arrived a little after midnight and my friend came to the airport to pick me u up. I ended up getting home around 1:30 AM, and then unpacked a little and went to bed around 3AM. The next day, I woke up at 6AM since I had to get some errands done like grocery shop and get ready for my first day of classes, and low key was hungry. After breakfast, I went to Trader Joe’s as soon as they opened and bought  a good and decent amount of food. I didn’t really have time to prepare anything in advance for my meals, so I brought an Amy’s burrito (frozen) and defrosted it, and brought some grapes, carrots, and steamed edamame. I also brought half an avocado, and Larabar. I think I also brought an apple, which was tiny.

Monday and Wednesdays are my “busy days”. I have classes back to back, and literally minimal break time. But that’s all right; I love all my classes anyway. My first class starts at 10:30 AM, and it’s “Nutrition and Life Course” — studying maternal health and nutrition and the first 1000 days of life. That class is for about 1.5 hours, and then I have a class at 12PM on Food Safety. Immediately after that class, I have my public health core class SPH  381. I love my professor for NUTR 310 and SPH 381. I have the same professor for the two classes, and she’s literally one of my biggest role models/inspirations. I look up to her so much! She is a registered dietitian and coordinator or instructor in the UW MPH -RD program, which is my dream/goal program to get into. I really really will work my butt off for that program, and hope and pray that program is meant for me. But if I don’t get in, I won’t be too devastated. For God will place in me a program that benefits me the most and that allows me to serve Him the greatest and best.

Anyway, after my public health class, I have Epidemiology. I was trying to get into an anthropology class, but all the slots were filled and are STILL all packed/filled. It’s hard to get those upper division and interesting anthropology or other elective classes since it’s the major priority first. Uh well.

The longest break I have is from 2:50 PM – 3:20PM, right after public health and right before epidemiology. I end epidemiology at 5:20PM, and since I had small group at around 7, I wanted to hurry home and have dinner and head out to small group without being late or being too greatly rushed! I remember I wasn’t feeling too great; I couldn’t poop and I was very tired (physically and mentally), and bloated and just didn’t have an appetite. I just remember eating a super simple dinner of roasted beets, sweet potato, and egg with spinach and avocado.. Maybe I should make my meals that simple more often, haha!

I went to small group with the intention of reconnecting with my small group girls and going for Jesus. Even though I was tired and fatigued, I kept reminding myself that even though it’s cold and I’m so tired, it’s worth going for Jesus. And it really was. I was just really tired the entire time but the girls shared a lot of great personal things. I thank God for the time I had, even though i was tired, I was able to get some warmth and love from my sisters in Christ.

Then on Thursday, I didn’t do much but get more errands done. I went to return some items, grocery shop once again, prepare/cook meals for the next few days, and get some work done. I really love my classes, and none of the classes (so far) seem too terribly difficult or overwhelming so praise the Lord!

And today, Friday, I only have 2.5 hours of class, back to back. They’re more of “class”-like settings. It starts at 11:30 AM and it’s in the same “active learning” classroom at our school’s main library, so that’s good. Before I went to class though, I went by a grocery store to return a few items. Anyway, then I went to class and brought with me a chocolate mint square bar and an apple as my “snack” or lunch. I don’t have time to eat a proper lunch in those times, so i just like to stick with snacks. I overcame a major challenge this week and past few weeks. I was not as worked up or anxious about the timing of my meals. Sure it’d be nice to eat a proper meal at proper meal times, but when things like class or event come up at the time, there’s not much to do about it. Also, it isn’t necessarily “required” or recommended to eat at those specific times. Class is more important than eating at specific times, and “eating times” is whenever my body is hungry. So there really isn’t a designated time for eating. I’m so grateful for this challenge(s) I was able to overcome. This was something that really triggered me and I struggled with for such a long time. Sure I still struggle with it occasionally, but it’s definitely not as much as it was before nor is it as bad or often. There’s so much more to life than the timing of my meals or what I eat/food in general. I’m thankful I even have things to nourish and munch on throughout the day.

I came back home and had a simple “linner– in between lunch and dinner, but not really a snack”. I had garbanzo beans, sweet potato “tots”/pieces, with date-ginger tea I made, kite hill cream cheese, and a few “Mary’s Gone Crackers” crackers. It was a light and simple snack/lunch-dinner, and it was nice and enough for a few hours. I did get a little hungry around 4:30PM, but I snacked on some food at Whole Foods Market, just sampling, haha. I also went to return a few items, and also bought InnerPeas (favorite snack at Trader Joe’s) and avocados at Trader Joe’s.

I came home around 5PM and had dinner around 5:37PM — I had rice, spinach/carrots/broccoli, my “cheesy” tahini dressing sauce, salmon, garbanzo beans, Iggy’s turmeric sauerkraut, tomato paste, and my korean seaweed soup I made last night. It was so warming and delicious! I try not to eat fruit after dinner/my last meal because it’s not the best for my digestion and makes me bloated and feel irritated or annoyed or “off”, but i ended the day with some crunchy sour green grapes– my favorite.

Now I think I’m going to just unwind even more. I have been unwinding for a while now, actually. I emailed my professor about research/research opportunity/etc. Tomorrow, I think I will just take it easy and start the day with QT with God, and then head out to get more errands done like returning a few items. This morning, I woke up and got a small and easy cardio-isa workout done. I love doing WayofGray’s workouts as soon as I wake up, before breakfast/doing anything else. It’s a great way to start my day. It keeps me energized, happy, strong, and awake. I also enjoyed half a grapefruit with my breakfast of coffee and toast (2) with banana and PB combination, what a classic.

I might go to TJ Maxx and QFC to return a few items, and then head back home and rest a little. And then head out to downtown Seattle to play around or walk around for a little bit. Who knows. But I should get some work done as well.

I have an event to go out to tomorrow evening. It’s my small group leader’s “birthday party” so I should finish up her letter and package her gifts. I have most of what I want to give her!


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