This month, May 2017, I wanted to challenge myself to take new strides in my recovery. This means trying new things, things beyond my personal comfort zone. I took up the opportunity to try “barre” at a nearby Pure Barre. I absolutely love it, yet hate it (just kidding). I fell in love with barre and I really enjoyed my first session. The trainer’s name was Megan, and she is one of the kindest, cutest, and most uplifting trainers/people I have met. Throughout my past classes of Barre, I realized how the instructors use different language than typical “fitness/health” role models out there. They emphasize strength and power, and the importance of posture and how it’s good to have our “legs shake” and our bodies tremble. There are a few leg/thigh focusing exercises that really stress a need for strength in my thighs and having the thighs touch. Yes, I was honestly taken by surprise that the instructors focused on trying to have “our knees tight and pushing on each other, and making sure our thighs are strong and touching”. It’s completely opposite to what the diet and health industry say — that girls should or need to have a thigh gap. And how there are exercises to slim the thighs and ways to get a “thigh gap”.

I love barre, I love barre instructors, I love the class, and I love others that join the class.. There’s a limitless amount of things I love about barre and the class.

The emphasis on strength and power. The emphasis and focus on posture and having our beautiful ligaments touching and pressing on each other for MORE benefits. How beautiful. I love when they say, “Touch your thighs and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze” for example. It totally goes against/contrary to what society always says– to have our thighs not touch and have a “gap”. I strongly disapprove of society’s message about our unique bodies, and I appreciate barre for helping me realize and want to honor and thank my body. I’m actually re-editing this post and I’ve attended about 6 barre classes, and I love it. It makes me feel rejuvenated, strong, and learn to show love and gratitude toward my body. I love every part of myself, and I just want to get stronger. I thank the instructors and Pure Barre company, and other inspirational community members for being another significant player in my recovery journey. I am so thankful I get to be surrounded by people who give respect to their bodies and inspire others to find respect and genuine gratitude and love for their own bodies. Although it is very expensive for a student who does not work unfortunately, I want to continue taking every chance I get with barre, and save up for classes in the future.




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