Raising awareness?

Today in my Sports Nutrition class, the professor addressed a very personal and sensitive topic: eating disorders, in general but also in the context of athletes. It’s really devastating to know that eating disorders, disordered eating behaviors, and body dysmorphia are so common in society. Society puts out the message that we are “not enough”, and “never will be enough”. That we need to keep consuming and fixing some thing in our lives or world/surrounding to be “satisfied”; but in reality, we never will be satisfied by placing our focus on the world. What benefit is there to follow the detrimental sayings of society? None!

I feel like mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders/disordered eating are such delicate issues, but many people try to mask or hide them away. As if they’re “ashamed”, or something they should be quiet about. But really, NO it is something we all need to raise awareness about! I strongly believe mental health nearly dictates everything you do, that’s going on inside and outside of you, and your perceptions/thoughts, experiences, and how you process certain information. Without a good, well-nourished mental health, there can not be good “health”, if you know what I mean. I want to raise awareness about mental health issues like depression and eating disorders, especially through my personal journey through them. I can personally say that as I am going through recovery, I still do struggle time to time about the smallest to biggest things. But it’s been one hell of a journey, and something I am thankful for. Every moment of recovery, I’ve been getting stronger, and been able to see how blessed I am. How much God loves me, and how much He has done for me. In every aspect of my life, God is so present in so many inexpressible ways, I really should not be complaining. Sure, it’s difficult and sometimes, I might feel like I’m at rock-bottom, but I know God will carry me through it all and strengthen me during this ongoing, slow yet steady journey.

I have been exposing myself to more social events such as Wanderlust or small one-on-one gatherings with people around me, and creating more interpersonal relationships. Each interpersonal relationship is another treasure in my heart, where I can learn a lot and grow as a person and community member. Like being able to speak with the ambassadors and coordinators part of health brand/companies, getting job interviews, and just enjoying my time with my friends at health or wellness-related events; all these are gifts from God, where He is showing me that there may be ways I can get involved in the health and wellness world and inspire other people who may (or may not) be experiencing what I have once and still am struggling with. I hope to continue finding ways to be more involved in my community, and promote true “health” — holistic health, which encompasses all the physical, social, and psychological aspects of one’s well-being.


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